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What's Coming? Deals of the Week Yay Math! Find Your Product:. Homeschool Curriculum. Member Favorites. Deals of the Week. Free Resources. Where do your interests lie and what subjects would you like to explore in greater detail? What kind of technology fascinates you?

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What future uses do you see for an improved version of existing technology? And where in the world of science might YOU fit in? Could a career in one of the sciences or in applied sciences await you? Think about it, write about it. Prepare a Winning Essay How can you increase your chances of writing a winning essay?

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There are several things to consider before you begin : Choose a topic that truly interests you. Have a point and develop it in a clear, organized way. Essays can either be expository explaining a concept, theory, experiment, etc. Then, that is what you should write. Show why your subject matters. It is part of your challenge to address this issue directly. Write more than one draft.

Revision is fun because it is the part of the writing process in which you turn your raw material into something that truly communicates. When you revise, make sure you catch all those errors in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and so on that we all make in first drafts. Also, look with a critical eye at the organization of your essay: Is the information presented in a clear order? Do transitions help the argument to flow smoothly? Use the help your teacher can offer.

No one is a good editor for his or her own writing.

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Your teacher can also suggest research sources that may help you to back up your points more effectively. Back to top Research and Writing Tips Perhaps the most important first step you will want to take is to narrow your topic sufficiently so that it can be covered in , words. Once you get writing, you will discover that is fewer words than it might seem to be. And if you choose too broad a topic, your treatment of it will probably come across as superficial and general.

The essay readers will think you just skimmed the surface of your subject, and you will lose points for that. Say you are interested in air pollution. And the process of narrowing-down will also help you zero in on what you really want to write about and what the focus of your research should be. Speaking of research, writers today have more material close at hand than ever before. Using search words to cruise the Internet for relevant information has revolutionized nonfiction writing. When gathering information, stick with reputable sources. Sites that have the suffixes gov.

The national organization of the branch of science that is relevant to your topic should be dependable. Online encyclopedias are sometimes dependable. Sexual objectification of women prevented several male authors' shortlisted books from advancing further. It's not realistic or necessary to describe all the significant female characters in terms of their sexual attractiveness or availability to men. Don't linger on descriptions of women's "tits and ass" when male characters are not similarly sexualized. Thrillers about men and women working together don't always have to include a romantic subplot, especially when the female partner in the romance is the only woman on the team.

Queer erasure was another sticking point for the judges. When your story features a single-gender community, like a religious order or a boarding school, stop and reflect on our culture's heteronormative assumptions, and take out those throwaway lines about how "all" of the priestesses, mermaids, intergalactic soldiers, etc.

You don't have to change anything about your main characters or plot. Just ask yourself why it's easier to picture a world with dragons than one with asexual, lesbian, or bi people. It's a small but pivotal part of world-building that determines whether your book is hurtful or welcoming to all readers. Structurally, the most successful novels and memoirs focused on a crucial time period in the characters' lives, contextualizing the main narrative arc with carefully selected flashbacks.

Stories with longer time spans often lost focus and didn't orient the reader with enough date markers when the story shifted to a different year and location. You've worked so hard on your book, please invest that extra few hundred dollars to hire a professional editor, or do an editing swap with a keen-eyed fellow author. Thornton combines an everyman's straightforward voice and good humor with an expert level of detail about brain surgery and life with a disability.

His story is also a case study of African-American entrepreneurship and business integration, from his childhood in Brooklyn's Bed-Stuy projects, to his rise as a financial analyst at DuPont Chemical, and then to his post-surgery second career as one of the first successful video store chain owners when VCRs transformed home entertainment.

Honorable Mentions in Creative Nonfiction went to Robbi Pounds ' Rubble Fever , a vivid account of surviving Hurricane Katrina shortly after her parents' deaths, and a meditation on the different ways one can lose one's sense of "home"; and Michael Ward 's The Sea Is Quiet Tonight , a lyrical and politically significant love story about losing his partner during the earliest years of the AIDS epidemic.

Honors and Awards (selected)

Alesa Lightbourne won First Prize in General Fiction for The Kurdish Bike , a richly textured and insightful autobiographical novel about a white American woman, fresh out of a painful and expensive divorce, who takes a teaching job at an international school in Kurdish Iraq. The narrator goes against custom by making friends with a village family, and discovers a female solidarity that crosses lines of class, education, and language.

Serious issues such as female genital mutilation are leavened by humor about the absurdities of school bureaucracy.

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Honorable Mentions in General Fiction went to Cynthia Harris-Allen 's The Cricket Cries, the Year Changes , an intense novel-in-stories about slaves on a Georgia plantation and their daring strategies for resistance; Patricia Rohner 's Tzippy the Thief , a comedy-drama of manners about a wealthy Jewish widow in Palm Beach who radically rethinks her life at age 80; and D.

Sieders ' Lorelei's Lyric , a charming paranormal romance between a drug-addicted rock musician and a Rhinemaiden mermaid on holiday in Nashville.

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In the tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley's classic The Mists of Avalon , Evelina lovingly reconstructs or imagines the earth-centered, woman-led spiritual traditions that Christianity suppressed in the British Isles, and paints a sympathetic picture of young noblewomen's struggles to be more than pawns in clan warfare. Honorable Mentions in Young Adult Fiction went to Imani Josey 's The Blazing Star , a paranormal adventure about black high school girls transported to ancient Egypt by a magical artifact; and Robin Reardon 's Waiting for Walker , a gay coming-of-age romance with an intersex love interest and a subplot about being Muslim in America.

See our press release about the winning entries. See the current contest. She has worked as a journalist and women's health educator in Western Massachusetts. She also reviews books for Wordgathering. She is a native New Yorker living in Western Massachusetts.